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How to work out what's right!

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Every manager has to make tough decisions. Working out the right thing to do isn’t always about crunching data – it’s also about the values that are important to us and how our decisions will affect people. This practical webinar will provide top tips to help you work out the right thing to do – and find the courage to do it.

Title: How to work out what’s right – and find the courage to do it
Speaker: Roger Steare, The Corporate Philosopher; Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, founder of MoralDNA™ and consultant to major organisations including BP, Citigroup, HSBC, PwC, and the Serious Fraud Office.
Duration: 45mins (plus Q&A)
Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How to understand your ethical preferences and how they affect your decisions
  • How to have the courage of your convictions
  • Building relationships and developing trust with remote teams
  • Principles to empower office and co-workers to take decisions

Roger Steare